Bo is a Geography Ph.D. student in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Science (GIScience) with minor in Machine Learning at University of Wisconsin - Madison, working with Prof. Qunying Huang.

Previously, he was a research assistant at National Engineering Laboratory for Satellite Remote Sensing Applications (NELRS), Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (now as Aerospace Information Research Institute), Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received the 2nd M.Sc. in ECE/Machine Learning from UW-Madison (2019), the 1st M.Sc. in GIScience/Remote Sensing from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2017) (advisor: Prof. Qingxi Tong, Prof. Lifu Zhang), and the B.Eng. in Remote Sensing from Wuhan University (2014).

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Office: 413 Science Hall, 550 N. Park St. Madison, WI 53706
Email: bo [dot] peng [at] wisc [dot] edu
Webpage: https://bopeng.space/